Morristown-Beard School Technology Acceptable Use Policy



The Morristown-Beard School Technology Acceptable Use Policy is consistent with the School’s Mission Statement and Values.   At MBS, we view technology as an enhancement tool to the learning experience.


Note: Morristown-Beard School is not responsible for material found on outside networks that may be defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, racially offensive, or illegal - nor can it completely eliminate access to such information. It will, however, limit access to and forbid importing such information or material onto any school computer.


All students are responsible for their actions and activities involving technology.  These terms and conditions apply to all technology equipment and use of technology on MBS’ campus.  Please note that these terms and conditions are not intended to be all inclusive; there may be additional examples of acceptable and prohibited uses that are not outlined here.


Terms and Conditions you agree to as a Morristown-Beard School Student


  1. I understand that…


  1. all MBS computers, and the MBS network, are not private and are monitored by the MBS technology staff.
  2. all MBS owned technology equipment (i.e. computers, printers, etc.) is the property of MBS.
  3. any negative, harassing, or illegal postings on social media will have consequences at MBS. (Please see the MBS Social Media Policy for more information)


     2.   I will…


  1. be respectful of MBS’ and other students’ technology equipment.
  2. password/passcode protect all of my devices.


     3.     I will not…


  1. attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Morristown-Beard School network or to any systems on the MBS network.
    1. post negatively about MBS on social media.  MBS will defend it’s brand, reputation and copyright.   
    2. attempt to log in to the MBS website with another person’s User ID and password.

   4.  I assume responsibility for…


  1. any damage to school equipment while in my use.
  2. my online actions.
  3. my social media postings.


   5.  I am aware that…


a.      I must use my real name for all electronic communication.

b.     anything I post online, even when deleted, is never truly deleted.

c.      my web presence (Digital Footprint) can affect my future (e.g. college and employment).





A violation of this policy will constitute “Major Offense” within the School’s disciplinary system and will be punished accordingly.